Friday, October 12, 2012

Biden indignancies embody the current democratic party

Biden in the vice presidential debate last night embodied why I am a conservative.  I am a conservative because I don't want people telling me what to do.

I don't want people who think they are the experts deciding where I should spend my money.  I don't want people telling me what to eat.  I don't want people telling me what insurance to buy, or that I have to buy it.  I don't want people telling me I don't care about the environment because I don't believe in their global warming theory.  I don't want people telling me I lack compassion for women because I believe abortion is immoral. I don't want one doctor deciding what all other doctors have to order.    I don't like when a person thinks she is an expert and forces everyone else to do things her way.

Biden was the embodiment of all that.  He was arrogant toward Ryan, of whom he viewed as ignorant.  Biden thinks he's smarter than Ryan, and Biden showed this arrogance by smug looks, laughter, and smiles.  Biden truly believes Ryan, like all conservatives who support him, are idiots.  But we are not idiots, and neither are they.  Ryan is brilliant and so is Biden.  That's how I see it. That's how conservatives see it. Biden and Ryan are among the smartest people in the world, exemplified by the fact they're both participating on TV in a VP debate.

But liberals don't see it that way.  To liberals people who disagree with them are idiots.  That's why they try to make laws preventing the conservative voice from getting out, because obviously if you believe conservatism you are an idiot.

That's why conservatives believe everyone, even liberals, should have their voices heard.  Yet liberals don't want conservative voices heard.  They don't want our voices heard because they can't stand to hear the truth. They can't stand to hear conservatism.  They hate it.  It makes their skin crawl.  That's why they get so angry when they are told they are wrong.  That's why they get angry when conservatism wins.  That's why they get so depressed.

It's not that way with us conservatives. We are not arrogant. We know we don't have all the answers.  We know we are not always right.  We love to hear everyone's voice and to have all the options on the table for a debate in the arena of ideas.  But democrats hate that.  Debates make them angry.  They can't stand it that conservatives have a voice.  They hate that there is conservative radio.   They can't stand it that there's more than 3 news networks that they control.  They literally hate Rush Limbaugh.  Conservatives don't share that hate.  Most conservatives want to hear other voices.

They say we lack compassion, yet the truth is that liberals lack compassion.  It's liberals who don't think you're smart enough to decide what to do with your money.  It's liberals who want you to remain ignorant so you continue to vote for them.  Conservatives want you to work hard and create an environment that encourages you to achieve and excel.  But Biden and liberals don't want you to succeed, because if you succeed it's because you are greedy.  It's because you lacked compassion and walked over people.  It's all because they are the experts, and they know what's best for us, and if you disagree you are an idiot.  If you rebel you are an idiot.  If you are conservative you are an idiot. And so Biden believes, and acted as if he believes, in an indignant manner, that Ryan is an idiot.  He in this way embodies the entire modern democratic party, at least as it exists today.

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