Thursday, February 7, 2008

McCain holds good chance of winning in November

If McCain is the republican nominee, there seems a good chance that he will be able to beat Hilary Clinton or Barack Obama. I'm not making a prediction here, but I am saying he has a good chance of winning.

Based on what many political experts have said in my readings, or on CNN or the networks on TV (I do not have access to Fox News or MSNBC), McCain holds a really good chance of winning back Reagan democrats, and also a good chance of creating his own McCain democrats.

One media consultant proclaimed on CNN that he believed that McCain has a good chance of winning over democrats who, like Joe Lieberman, support the war. John McCain by far is the best candidate when it comes to defending this nation.

Not only has he been an ardent, unwavering proponent of the War on Terror, the War in Afghanistan, and the War in Iraq, he also was in the military and was a prisoner of war.

And, despite the recent surge of the economy as being one of the most important issue among republicans according to most polls, and health care as being the number one issue among democrats, we still find ourselves caught up in a world war against terrorism.

During a time of war Americans have historically put domestic issues on the back seat during wars, one prime example was duirng WWII when a republican minority sided with FDR when it came to the war.

The War on Terror seems to have changed that tide, as many democrats, including the current democratic nominees, do not think the War on Terror is too important of an issue. On their list of issues, neither even mentions the war on terror, as though it doesn't even exist.

They both mention the War in Iraq, but only as far as you can say the word exit. Whether you believe in the cause for starting the War in Iraq or not, ending it would have dire consequences not only for America and Iraq, but the world.

And people who see this fact even partially will see John McCain as the most viable candidate.

Many conservatives are currently chirping how bad McCain is for the conservative movement. Some have even said they would not vote for him because if he's going to have a liberal agenda the same as what the democrats would enact, then these conservatives would prefer a democrat be in office to get credit when these liberal programs fail.

However, in time, Freadom Nation believes that many, if not most, conservatives will come around before it's time to vote next November. We think McCain will champion the conservative vote, and conservatives will see how important it is to have McCain in office as opposed to Hillary or Obama.

These democrats will nominate liberal judges who will continue to rule by their opinion and the laws of other nations rather than by the constitution. They will try to create a national healthcare program that will provide free healthcare to the poor, but decrease the quality of healthcare for everyone else, and cause an economic disaster (which is the topic of a post to come).

To pay for all their programs, which they believe are the solutions to the our problems, they have already stated they will raise our taxes. Some say they will simply let the George Bush tax cuts expire, but even that would be equivelent to the biggest tax hike in American history.

This will be the key to McCain getting elected. It's already known that many independents love McCain, and that some democrats do too, but no republican has won in recent years without the conservative vote.

We hope that at some point conservatives, like many people who now oppose the war, will come to their senses and support John McCain for president.

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Nikki said...

great post Rick and welcome to the world of Nikki blogosphere!! You have commented and read a lot of my readers blogs and it is greatly appreciated!!! I agree with you on this. John McCain will carry a lot of moderates and independants..the extreme right needs to pipe down and win this fall!!! Passionate are the dem voters this year and I don't see them staying home like in past elections!! thanks for the link and keep up the great posts!! I will read them and hopefully you'll get some more readers....talented writers should be read and passionte politicos should be heard!!! :)Nikki