Friday, December 4, 2009

Here's my humble theory why climate gate still not reported by the three major networks

As you see here, it's been 14 days and counting, and still no mention of climate gate on any of the three major news network's morning or evening news programs. This is distressing news, considering those are the news outlets many Americans get their news from, like my friend Carma.

She rarely reads the newspaper, so she more than likely missed the front page report in the New York Times the day of the initial report. And she doesn't watch cable news except for when her husband is watching CNN or Fox. Yet, considering she did see several discussions on Fox, to her Climate Gate is nothing more than a hoax generated by Fox News.

Well, we know that's not true, considering the New York Times report, and that CNN has covered it. So, I have another really good theory as to why the New York Times picked up the story and the major networks did not

You see, the New York Times is spirally, and they are now desperate to pick up any readers they can, and felt obligated to run with this story. The same with CNN, which now finds itself in last place in nearly all time slots when up against the other three major cable news networks. Since no one watches them, liberals feel safe in running with the story there.

Carla has not heard about the scandal. Quite frankly, neither has my son. This got me to thinking. Since the school systems have worked diligently at brainwashing our youth into believe global warming, there was no mention of the scandal in social study and current world affairs classes. Liberal teachers didn't want to take a chance on taking a step backwards.

My friend Carla, and my son, believe in the global warming theory. Now, there is hope for both of them, they still believe that man is causing the earth to warm up. I'm not saying I don't, It's just like folks like me give merit to the idea that a theory is a theory. And there is still the idea of a cyclical warming and cooling pattern that seems to be getting a lot more credibility lately, especially since global temperatures have been stagnant since 2000.

Being environmentally responsible should be what is taught in the government run schools, however they go a step further, to convince our youth that global warming is caused by capitalism, and the only way to end it and save the planet is to tax, spend and increase regulations. Or, in other words, to destroy world economies and insert socialism.

The reason the three major networks haven't run with the news is because the Today show is watched by way too many women in the morning who get most of their news between the hours of 6 and 9. Thus, they certainly don't want to take the chance on those among this crowd to learn the truth, that global warming is, after all, just a theory.

Scare tactics work wonders to generate money for even the most fallacious of causes. So, so long as billions of dollars keep pouring into the global warming cause, politicians like Al Gore and rambunctious Europeans will continue to trudge forward with their claims that man and capitalism is causing the earth to warm up.

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