Monday, November 15, 2010

Narcissistic Politicians

So we hear a lot about narcissistic politicians. Is Obama? Was Bush? What exactly do we mean when we are referring to the narcissistic politician.

Allow me to define narcissist, and we'll move on from their.

According to, it's an inordinate fascination with one's self; excessive self love; self senteredness; smugness., in a post by Sam Vaknin, "Barack Obama - Narcissist or Merely Narcissistic?," political narcissism is described as though it were a disease. It's basically the arrogant, all knowing, never wrong politician who finds that it is best to force his views on us whether we like it or not. It's for our own good.

In politics it refers to a person who puts his own personal beliefs before what is good for the country. A good example is progressive/ liberal Congressmen, Senators and a President who vote on policies that are not popular with the people, such as the 2010 Obama Health care Reform Bill.

The people didn't want it, yet they forced it on us "for your own good." Narcissistic politicians lack empathy for people holding viewpoints they do not agree with. They believe they are omnipotent and omniscient, and that is why progressives feel it is a good idea to have elite politicians (preferably fellow progressives) making decisions for people.

This is why progressives believe a world run by the U.N. or New World Order with elites making all the decisions of all people of the world for their own good is the best way to manage society. They are narcissist. They are arrogant. They feel superior to others.

They are vulnerable to criticism, and since they feel they are right they do not take criticism well. They often attack those who disagree with them, hence you are an evil person or even a Nazi if you hold conservative views.

They tend to get angry easily when opposed or when they are debated because they do not hold majority views and may not even have facts on their side. They feel they are right, facts don't matter, and you are wrong if you disagree with them.

That's also why they bash news networks that allow conservative or opposing voices to be heard, such as Fox News. They believe they are right, and opposing voices need to be shut up or ridiculed.

This is why narcissistic progressives in America try to stop dissenting opinions, and is why they champion for things like The Fairness Doctrine to force radio stations to have opposing views to Conservative voices -- or to shut the conservative voices up all together.

They are narcissists. They often will avoid interviews where they are to face extensive criticism of their views. They cannot tolerate setbacks, which is why it frustrates them when conservative politicians win elections and pass conservative bills (tax cuts and program cuts) (For more information, click here).

There are narcissists on both sides of the aisle, republican and democrat, socialist and conservative. Yet the narcissist usually consists of those politicians who are totalitarian in nature. That would be your progressives, socialists and your religious leaders of foreign countries like Iran, Syria, Iraq (before America ousted Saddam) and even Cuba.

Kings and queens were narcissistic. Totalitarian dictators are narcissistic. Communist dictators are narcissistic. Progressives are narcissistic. They all know what is right, and they want change for our own good.

Narcissists live in a dream world. They live in their own reality that is devoid of common sense and facts. They believe that tax and spend and redistribution of wealth is the way to make all of society better, when we know -- the facts -- that liberalism (socialism, progressivism, Marxism or whatever you want to call it) has failed every time it's been tried.

The thing about progressives is they believe every body else thinks the same as they do. That America is racist, we are bigoted, homophobic, colonial, imperialistic, immoral and unjust.

Yet progressives are right, narcissistic politicians, are right in that 30% of democrats say they are hard liberals, and they agree with progressivism. The enemies of America agree with them. And that's why you have terrorists like Usama Bin Laden saying many of the same things that liberals here in America are saying.

America does not breed narcissism. We teach it in our schools. We import narcissists. We preach it in our media.

Narcissist. Are you one?

For more political definitions, check out my Political Lexicon.

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