Monday, November 3, 2008

My final plea to vote for John Sidney McCain

One final plea to vote for McCain and then I'm finished. I just wanted to say that the #1 reason -- the most important -- reason to vote for McCain is......... (drum roll please).....


There is little more important than judges stick to what the Constitution states their role is, and that is to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, and NOT TO MAKE LAWS FROM THE BENCH.

One of the most important job of the president is to appoint judges, particularly Supreme Court Judges. It really shouldn't be this way, as no matter what judge is appointed to this post should make rulings according to the constitution. But, as we all know, many make decisions based on their own opinions and viewpoints and ignore higher authority.

Yes, one judge might like abortion. He might think it is the choice of the individual lady to make. But, according to the Constitution, anything not mentioned in the Constitution is left to the states to decide. Thus, the Supreme Court should have recused itself from ruling on Abortion in 1972.

Accordingly, it should be up to each state to decide if abortion is legal or not. In this way, if the Rowe-V-Wade decision were not made, abortion rulings would return to the pre 1972 state laws, some of which allow abortion , some of which do not allow it.

Now, you would have pro-life and pro-choice people still battling it out, but that's fine. That's the way it should be. If you do not support abortion, you can live in a state that does not support abortion.

Education is not mentioned in the Constitution, and therefore -- per the 10th amendment -- any decision regarding education should be left to the states to decide. The same is true with gay marriage.

Are you a judge who supports gay marriage. Well, so what. It's not up to you to decide that gay marriage is legal or not. Neither gay nor marriage is defined in the Constitution, and therefore it is up to the states to decide.

In essence, what I am describing is federalism. It's how the founders of this great nation thought was the fairest way of settling disputes. They did not envision a judicial system that trumped the Constitution, but that is what has happened by Activist judges (mostly liberal but a few conservative) who don't simply rule from the bench but create laws from the bench.

Yes, you hear all the time that abortion is legal in the U.S., yet no legislative law has ever been signed approving abortion in the Senate or the House.

This is why it is so important that we elect a president who will only nominate originalist judges to the Supreme Court. By definition, an originalist judge is one who rules by the Constitution, or the laws that supersede his jurisdiction -- and not by his own opinion and viewpoints.

This is so important to to maintain appropriate checks and balances between the three branches of government: executive, legislative and judicial systems. If the judicial has the right to make laws, then it has more power than the legislative -- it defeats the checks and balance system our founders thought was so important.

I don't care if you are a libertarian, conservative, liberal, peanut butter fairy, saint, Catholic, dipshit, smarty pants, brainy, high IQ person, business man, African American, Mexican, Illegal Alien, Alien, Martian, deadbeat, felon, dead person, cat, cow, dog, whiner, loquacious person, reticent person, Caucasian, Polish, or whatever.

We must continue to fight for the Constitution. We must elect a president who has vowed to only nominate originalist judges, and whos party has a history of doing so. We MUST vote for John McCain.

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Khaki Elephant said...

Great work! I pary it's successful, my friend.

Chuck said...

Freadom, thanks for stopping by. Your plea is the bottom line, vote, vote for McCain, vote early in case something happens, vote.